Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lord K Gibson

While Blade Runner is rolling on Tv, I'm doing a lot of things. Writing, answering to emails, finding old books in my home (Massimo Introvigne, "Indagine sul satanismo" and "La stirpe di Dracula", wonderful essays!).
The most important and entertaining thing I'm doing is an experiment with different kind of gin and Martini's.
The Gibson!
Yarai mixing glass. A really beautiful japanese mixing glass. I heard that the sound of stirring ice is something offensive in Japan. So the Japanese created this superb mixing glass to soften and limit the sound of the ice while you're stirring.
I bought it on
And so?
E quindi?
E quindi I'm doing Martini's with the Yarai mixing glass to mix the pleasure of the Martini with the aesthetics of an eternal Blade Runner culture. Wich I love since I was a kid.
Next. Cool the small cocktail glass. SMALL. Not the double cup wich is good for fancy girly drinks.
Now, vermuth. Big question: italian or french?
I'll go for italian, not because I'm fascist, but because I like it really dry. The italian vermuth is drier than the noilly Prat or the Lillet. By the way I'm not fascist.
Ice is maybe the most important thing ever when it comes to do a drink. Big icy stones. That's it.
Gin. What kind of gin Lord K uses? Or prefers?
Top of my list is Beefeater 24, followed by classic Beefeater, changeable sometimes with Tanqueray Ten. Gin is the real Martini cocktail, and Martini cocktail is gin. Stop.
Stir NOT shake. With the stir, a good barman can choose the right mixing of the gin and the ice, deciding the grade of the alcoholic mixture and flavours in the final drink. Not an easy thing to do.
The proportion MUST be the Montgomery's one. 15/1.
Fifteen parts gin and one part vermuth. Vermuth MUST be in the nose, NOT in the mouth. That is good to you even in the morning after.
Ok let's go.
Why Lord Kalidon's drink is the GIBSON?
Because it's an oligarchic drink. It's someting you can share with just few close friends.
It's severe, serious, dry. Not a something like mojito or red wine, not a drink for happy hours. It is good to celebrate a victory but also a failure.
And this is the result.
Enjoy my Gibson.

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