Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March - coffee in the morning

Or: things to do when the Spring's coming.
Winter's dying. Spring's coming.
Choses au faire in the meantime.
Some of them are mandatory. Others are a pure pleasure.
One of these is write somethin in english. Language of many of my friends around. The language I chose to spread myself. In the artistic way.
Obviously I can't be as agile as am I in italian. So I apologize.
March. Still is not so hot not so cold. Maybe the month Inlike most. That's because there's something decadent mixed with a hint of hope in the air I breathe.
And most of all, you can wear all your fave clothes without freezing or sweating.
I have this problem, seems small problem, on my vocal chords. A small edema due to bronchitis and maybe too much alcool-talking. It means that you yell when losing brakes while drinking.
It's like I'm Pinocchio. The Cat, the Fox, and Lucignolo always guide me to the wrong path. I'm never so disciplined as it seems.
Ok. AOU's next thing's filming a new video clip. So I must be phisically prepared, will I have to undress in front of the camera? Don't know. Whatever.
It's kinda ten days I don't drink, still I feel the need of my exclusives and oligarchic martinis. So, prohibited by my phoniatric doctor, the faster I recover, the earlier I'll be back at the bar.
Ok so Martini it's a "thing-to-do".
Go on.
I wanna sing. Been ten long days of forced silence. A torture for me. I live with words and sounds. The sound of my voice assures me against panic attacks.
The smell of gin after five 'o clock. I'm quite an alcoholic? Maybe. But I only drink with quality.
Good bartenders. Good materials. Simple recipes.
Vices and virtues in balance.
I'm in Rome for a few days and it seems the festival of carbs. Here's everything good to eat. Like in a Brothers Grimm' fable. So, eating and training.
Two years ago I started something I feel ashamed to call book. A biography? I don't know.
Fact is, I wrote a lot of it and then I backupped my mac, and then? And then I erased everything. I could find every kind of porn in my mac but my "book".
I felt blocked for like a seven months. Then, last March, March is a good month for the beginnings, I re-wrote everything again. And now theres so much work to do since I have to correct the first things and put them together with the ones I'm doing now.
A lot of work.
Next. Priorities in the matter of Socials. Sounds so stupid. But it's the reality of things going on. Oh shit.
The blog "Lord Kalidon says" means a bridge between my private writings and my game of words (if I can say so).
It's easier to write in italian of course, so I'll do the (com)promise to use english for food and drinks recipes and for important news. Also I'll stir and/or shake it together often. So keep always connected.
What I like most this time of my life? (I want to read this again next year. It's like a picture)
Coffe in the morning. Many Moka's, espresso's, a lot of sugar in it. And a bit of cardio without eating.
Reading a lot.
I'm still stucked on DeLillo's american classic Underworld. I hate it and I love it, nonetheless I can't wait to finish it to free myself from the burden of it.
My favourites are Dostoevskji, Ballard, and Ellis. Italians? Tullio Avoledo.
I used to love DeLillo's White Noise. I hate this Underworld. I understand the opera he made with it. But the characters are just a way to explain his view of contemporary history. I hate all the characters of this book. There's no emphaty, no symphaty. They're just tools. And I don't like baseball. Sorry fans.
I'm curious about what americans think about this book. I'll ask around. Maybe I'll change my mind some way.
By the way, last Ellis book didn't enthused me so much. But it's always recommended. Imperial Bedrooms.
Always make me wanna drink a good Martini Dry. Extra dry, stir not shake, Beefeater-24 gin, italian dry vermuth, in and out, small glass chilled as the bottom of hell, onion cause I like it Gibson.
Percentage of gin/vermuth? The Hemingway 15/1 fits
Well with me.
Ok let's go to the gym. Today's legs and delts. Jason Momoa's training style. All super sets, little rest, interval cardio training Hiit.
Ok I'm going. I'm in a bar and they're watching me write on a phone since half an hour. I can't keep on ordering coffees.
Ps: I really don't want to re-read what I wrote. So, again, I apologize haha!

Pps: keep listening to Type O Negative' song Green Man. It explains my current mood.

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